“When people talk, listen completely.
Most people never listen."
Ernest Hemingway
Tool Step

Role of this tool

To describe the user of the innovation we intend to create with a realistic persona.  This will be a touchstone throughout the innovation process and we should refer back to it as the innovation develops.

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How do we use it?

1. Demographics

We fill in their description first, using any insight or information we have about the target market. We draw a sketch of him or her or find a photo that could be him or her and attach it.

2. What do they enjoy?

Choose home or work life depending on which arena is more relevant to our innovation. What is the most satisfying aspect of their job? What are their leisure pursuits? What do they like to watch on TV? Whose company do they like to keep?

3. What are their goals?

Again, we choose our persona’s home or work life. What are they motivated by? What are they aiming for in the medium or long term? What would they do if they won the lottery? How ambitious are they at work?

4. What distinguishes them from others?

Do they have any quirks that are interesting? Do they belong to any particular social ‘tribes’ or societies? Do they have any defining attitudes or behaviours?

5. What keeps them awake at night?

What problems does our persona have? What causes them stress or annoys them about everyday life? What are their major worries in life? What is frustrating for them about our product category?

Source: Inspired by live|work


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