Welcome to the 100%Open innovation toolkit – a distillation of all of the knowledge and tools that 100%Open has developed by designing and delivering open innovation programmes all over the world over the past 8 years.

We share the toolkit in the spirit of open innovation – practicing what we preach by sharing each tool using the Creative Commons attributable license which means you are free to use them as they are, and in any way you wish, so long as you please cite 100%Open as the source.

We have several other services that we are making available that may be of interest to maximize the benefit of using the toolkit as described below.

Please do get in touch via toolkit@100open.com if you have any questions or comments. We’d love it if you provide feedback about how they were used and what difference they made to you and your organization. Also we’d welcome any suggestions for ideas for new tools that could and should be included in future versions of the toolkit. In the meantime thank you for downloading the 100%Open innovation toolkit. We genuinely hope you find it useful in becoming more open and creating value through partnership with others.*excludes reasonable expenses (such as travel, venue or printing which would be recharged at cost), and VAT.

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