Online Concept Test – Rapid Proposition Testing

“There is only one boss. The customer.”
Sam Walton
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Role of this tool

This tool is a rapid and cost-effective technique for testing our innovation in a realistic way online. Rapid Proposition Testing allows us to find out if our new concepts engage our target audience. It is a fast and predictive way of testing the market acceptance of a new product, service or brand.

It helps answer these sorts of questions:

Is there a market for our new product?

We have some great ideas but which one is best?

Is our target audience interested enough to buy?

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How do we use it?

1. Create content

We turn our ideas into consumer propositions, something that someone can ‘buy’. Then we create an advertisement to recruit visitors to a website landing page. The advertisement works using all of the alternative new products while the landing page tests the ideas against each other.

2. Drive traffic to the test

We use target demographics and key words to find our target audience, usually via paid advertising e.g. Google AdWords where consumers are responding to ads in a ‘real world’ environment. This is a behavioural reaction rather than conscious market research.

3. Track consumer behaviour

We observe who bounces out and who clicks through and explores our idea.

4. Data Analysis

We then evaluate the success of the new products using data captured from our landing pages. It is usual to assess these sorts of data, either to evaluate competing products or against a known control
• Winning / losing proposition
• User demographics
• Device/Browser usage
• Customer acquisition cost

Source: Corke Wallis


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