Storyboard Template

“Walt Disney came up with the idea of having his artists pin
their drawings on the walls of the studio in sequence so he
could see at a glance how far along the project was.”
Michael Michalko
Tool Step

Role of this tool

This tool is used by designers to help express how an innovation will work in the real world as a series of scenes from a story. In going through this process it will become clear which ideas make sense and which don’t. We don’t have to be great artists to use this tool. Stick figures will do fine to illustrate the story of our innovation and how it will work – we can get a designer to work it up later.

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How do we use it?

First we use sticky notes to map out the story of our innovation (see the user journey in Blueprint.)

Then when we’ve iterated the story a few times and agree the best version we can transcribe it to the storyboard with pictures in the top half of each frame and words in the lower half. Here is a suggested structure but we should feel free to adapt the frames as we see fit.

Frame 1: Unmet Need

Describe the situation the user is in before using the innovation. What is his/her unmet need? What is his/her state of mind? (See Unmet Need for more details)

Frame 2: Aware

How does the user find out about our product or service?

Frame 3 Engage

How do they first engage with our new product or service?

Frame 4 Use

How do they use our new product or service?

Frame 5 Result

What changes for the user as a result of their interaction with the new product or service?

Frame 6 Exit

How do they stop using the product or exit the service? Are they encouraged to re-engage later? What is the legacy?

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