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“A good sketch is better than a long speech.”
Napoleon Bonaparte
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Role of this tool

It is very helpful to put a bit of flesh on the bones of our ideas by using Sketch Templates. This is the first stage of realisation of an idea and it can be very inspiring to get visual early on in the process, putting something more than words on a page. We may want to involve designers to help us describe an idea or mock up a web page although the Sketch Templates don’t need great artistic skill to get the point across.

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How do we use it?

We take a look through the different templates and select the ones that match our idea best. If none does, use the blank tool provided to create your own bespoke template.

Website or Mobile App

Use these tools to mock up the home page or other screens of a new web page. What buttons do users need? How many images? How much other information? What’s the call to action?


How will information be presented? How will it be distributed and used? Could it be a booklet or fold-out leaflet? Colour or black and white?


This can be any external documentation for internal or external communication. Give your document a title and design what information it needs. Describe it and the specific need it meets in the context it is intended for. Think about what format the document needs to be.

Face to Face or Phone Conversation

Record important conversations using these tools. How will they develop? Who are the protagonists? What are the likely outcomes? Where is the conversation taking place?

Social media

What will people say in which social media in response to this idea?

Source: Inspired by live|work


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