Give / Get

“From what we get we make a living.
From what we give we make a life”.
Arthur Ashe
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Role of this tool

The Give/Get tool helps us think about and define what our business offer will be to potential partners and what we will expect in return.

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How do we use it?

Open innovation is all about sharing the risks and rewards of innovation. Long-lasting partnerships are built on mutually satisfactory Give/Get balance. So for any particular Open Innovation Models that we are considering, we should ask:

  • What are we going to Give? (e.g. time/resource, licence fees, scale, development, test marketing, brand)
  • What are we going to Get? (e.g. exclusivity, novel IP, concept development funding, prototyping, branding)

Once we have done this, we repeat the exercise from a potential partner’s point of view and note any areas of potential disagreement about the Give/Get value equation and refine.

Source: Inspired by WeCreate


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